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Georgia Johnson

Georgia Johnson places an emphasis on fresh, easy-to-find ingredients and caters to the home cook who enjoys creating simple and delicious homemade meals. Georgia believes that cooking, baking and enjoying good food can bring people together any day of the week, not just on holidays, and in addition to an extensive recipe collection she offers cooking tips and tricks to readers of her blog, The Comfort of Cooking..

Articles by Georgia Johnson


Food gifts are thoughtful, personal and often less expensive than gifts you might buy at the store. Here are five special recipes that make wonderful gifts for anyone who likes a good treat!

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USA Weekend

Find out how to soften butter quickly, measure syrup and peanut butter without the mess, use up spare egg yolks and whites, and more, just in time for holiday baking!

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These little gems are so fun and pretty, making a batch might be all you need to do to celebrate Valentine's Day in your house. There's nothing sweeter than a homemade gift from the heart...

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Mothers Day

This Mother’s Day, let your little ones treat you to something extra special with a homemade breakfast or dinner! 

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Fathers Day

When Dad doesn’t need another tie or garage tool for Father’s Day, the kids can treat him to something truly special – a delicious homemade dish!

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