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3 Ways to Join the Let's Move Campaign

Are you looking for motivation for your family to be active and healthy? Then it's time to check out Let's Move, a new campaign launched by First Lady Michelle Obama. Let's Move encourages families and communities to live healthier lifestyles through activity and eating better. It's easy to support the cause, connect with others trying to stay healthy, and even bring your family and community closer together! 

Here are three ways you can participate and get on your way to achieving your goal of raising healthy kids and having a healthy family.

  • Take the President's Challenge. Remember the Presidential Physical Fitness Award? Well, it's now called the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award and your whole family can work to achieve this honor! The goal is have 1 million Americans sign up and make positive, healthy changes to their lifestyles. If you decide you don't want to sign up and record your activities with the online system, make a pact with your family to be active for 6 weeks. There are activity ideas and guidelines on the website, but any kind of hard play counts! 
  • Get connected with the Let's Move campaign. One way is to "Like" Let’s Move on Facebook. You'll receive news and updates from the campaign in your news feed, and read inspiring stories of how others are meeting the challenge. Another idea is to sign up for the Let's Move email updates for news, blog posts, recipe ideas, and more. You can also join or start a local Let’s Move Meetup group and work with people in your own community to spread the word and receive support.
  • Win money (up to $3000!) for your school by entering the Recipes for Healthy Kids Challenge! Let's Move is partnering up with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to inspire new recipes to be added to school lunch menus. School nutritionists, chefs, students, parents, and community members are invited to create healthy recipes that kids love. Visit the Recipes for Healthy Kids page for categories, criteria, deadlines and prize money. 

Share your own family tips for staying healthy in the comments!

Michele Johansen is a writer in Bellevue, WA. She is the co-creator of the Ruby Slipper Guide, a website that lists activities and events for families living east of Seattle and blog that delves into the foils of parenting.

Topic(s): Kids and Family

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