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Make Another Mother's Day

For plenty of moms, especially if they are single, Mother's Day can be kind of a bummer. But imagine if you gave that mom a "secret Santa" type gift and left it anonymously on her doorstep…

The Secret Gift That Started it All…

Make Another Mother's DaySitting at basketball practice last May, I overheard another mom explaining that she didn't have any Mothers Day plans. She's a single mother, and her son is too young to do much for Mother's Day.

I felt for her. Her son, who probably would have loved to make his mom feel good on Mother's Day, didn't really have a way to plan for it.

That's how I got the idea to give her a Mother's Day present, and leave it anonymously. Sort of like a Secret Santa, but for Mother's Day.

Deciding what to include in her Mother's Day gift bag turned out to be really fun. I ended up giving flowers, a gift certificate to a restaurant I knew they both liked, two movie tickets, and some movie candy.

On Mother's Day morning, I drove over to their place and attached the bag to their door handle. But JUST as I was leaving, they pulled up! I ducked low behind the steering wheel and just barely got away unseen.

At the next week's practice, when people asked each other about Mother's Day, she delightedly explained that a fairy godmother had left them a wonderful present, and that she and her son had a great day. Everyone was intrigued, asking questions about the gift and who might have left it. The mom said she'd been trying to figure it out, but hadn't.

I love that she never figured out that her "fairy godmother" was me. And I love that I was able to give her such a special day. She really deserved it, and it was a lot of fun for me, too. This might sound weird, but it was actually the best Mother's Day I've ever had.

If you know someone who works hard to do best by her kids and family but maybe doesn't have someone to tell her how much her hard work is appreciated, here's your chance to Make Another Mother's Day:

Do it secretly (awesome!) or in person (still fab!), but the key is to do something, big or small, for another mother this Mother's Day.

If you need gift ideas, here's a list of items that moms told us they love. And you can send an e-card right now to Make Another Mother's Day:

Have you made another mother's day? Tell us!