Update Your Cozi iOS App for Performance Enhancements You'll Love

Cozi Family Organizer is on the front lines of family life every day, responding when you tap to open the app, change an appointment or view next month. That's exactly why Cozi puts a #1 priority on continuously improving app performance.

And now, we're excited to announce that a new app update with MAJOR performance improvements is now available in iTunes. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users can now enjoy faster load times when opening the app and when loading calendar screens. Update today!

How to Update Your Cozi Mobile App

Some people get updates automatically, and others don't. If you don't know if your app has been updated, please open the App Store icon on your phone and check for Cozi in Updates.

If you're still unsure, you can install Cozi Family Organizer again directly from the App Store. You're data will always be safe.

For Android users: a new Cozi app update went live last month (Google Play, Amazon App Store and NOOK Store).

We hope you enjoy your zippier Cozi app!