More Apps from Cozi to Help You Stay on Top of Everything

Remember the line about how it takes a village to raise a family? Well, these days it can feel like it also takes a smartphone, a reliable car, affordable child care, and a back-up plan.

To help you with that back-up plan, Cozi has a few more apps (in addition to our flagship app, Cozi Family Organizer for iOS and for Android) to help you stay on top of everything. Here's a quick rundown of each one:

Cozi Password Vault:

Remembering all the passwords used in daily life can be overwhelming. This app allows you to store them securely and all in one place so you always have them handy when you need them – right on your phone. One-click copying makes it easy to access and use the passwords when you need them.

Available now in iTunes, $1.99

NEW! Cozi Family Files:

Store snapshots of important documents for easy access by multiple members of the family. Cozi Family Files is shared so anyone in the family with the app can sign in using their Cozi credentials to see all the same files. Use this centralized location to store images of household info you need to access quickly like insurance cards and policies, account statements, pay stubs and more.

Available now in iTunes, $1.99

Cozi Sitter Finder

Take the stress out of scrambling for sitters with this personal babysitter organizer and scheduler app. It allows you to keep all your sitter information in one place and quickly find one who is available. The app does all the communication for you, and sitters respond with a yes or no for your approval. That’s it – your sitter is booked!

Available now in iTunes, $0.99

Cozi Family Locator

This handy app gives you peace of mind knowing your family members are safe and lets you quickly identify nearby safety points like hospitals and police stations should they need help. It is especially good for parents who have teens and tweens who are starting to travel to school and friends more independently – it allows you to give kids their freedom, while still feeling confident that you know where they are. Developed in partnership with Life360, the leader in mobile family safety, this helpful app turns your phone or tablet into the ultimate safety device.

Available now in iTunes, FREE & Google Play, FREE

Cozi Kids Coloring+:

Keep your kids entertained at home or on the go with this feature-packed iPad app. It's a coloring book, photo decorator, sketch pad and more. Plus, it's a ton of fun!

Available now in iTunes for iPad, $1.99

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