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Nov 1, 2013 | Blog, Cozi Recommends

Here are the winning children’s games from the 2013 National Parenting Publications Awards.


The Magic Path of Yoga

The Magic Path of YogaUpside Down Games, $29.95, Ages: Fun for the entire family. Great for special needs.

Why we like it: Pose and play the yoga path way! The Magic Path of Yoga stimulates the body with 54 yoga poses and 12 group exercises to calm and soothe muscles and s-t-r-e-t-c-h out bodies. Quiz cards offer knowledge on healthy nutrition and the environment. Woosah!



The Great Cheese Chase

The Great Cheese ChasePeaceable Kingdom, $15.99, Ages: Preschool and up. Great for special needs.

Why we like it: Tap to pass! When the cat’s away, the mice will play! Kids must work together to move the mice and Tiger the cat along the board. Strategy, decision making and peer interactions are encouraged during game play as kids spin, move and scurry the mice to the top for a cheese-fest!



Spot it! Party

Spot it! PartyBlue Orange Games, $19.99, Ages: Fun for the entire family

Why we like it: Quintuple the fun with 5 different party games rolled into one! Always one and only one match to snatch. Flip a card and react fast to catch the Hand Mascot. Hand-eye coordination and visual perception are key to “spot it!”



Raccoon Rumpus™

Raccoon Rumpus™Educational Insights, $14.99, Ages: Preschool – Kindergarten

Why we like it: Memory and matching with costumes for critters! A “rumpus” of laughter and fun unfold as the jumbo brightly-colored dice are rolled to find and collect the most costumes on the masked-bandit. Raccoon Rumpus helps teach items of clothing to promote dressing independence for youngsters.




KORNER'DEndless Games, $19.99, Ages: Fun for the entire family, great for special needs

Why we like it: This puzzle within a game creates a new problem solving pattern challenge each time it’s played. Match the tiles to the color board to uncover an abstract game of strategy and visual perception. New discoveries unfold with each draw of a tile!


Laser Maze (TM)- Beam-Bending Logic Game

Laser Maze (TM)- Beam-Bending Logic GameThinkFun, $29.99, Ages: 8 and up

Why we like it: A maze of mirrors and laser lights to delight one’s logic! This beam-bending puzzle will challenge minds to use sequential reasoning and problem-solving to reflect and angle the laser beam right on target.




Even Steven’s Odd™

Even Steven’s Odd™Educational Insights, $19.99, Ages: 7 and up

Why we like it: Manic math! Roll and find to fill your line. Fast-paced game has kids recognizing, adding and subtracting numbers on the dice to catch Steven in this high energy, entertaining mix of a little luck and a little math.




NadaBlue Orange games, $14.99, Ages: Fun for the entire family, great for special needs

Why we like it: Orange and white and every dice twice! Players must act fast to spot a match and call it out correct to collect. Game of visual acuity and a little bit of luck creates a fast-paced game of dice rolling. Three game variations are included to expand play!


Swish Jr. See it! Stack it! card game

Swish Jr. See it! Stack it! card gameThinkFun, $12.99, Ages: 5 and up

Why we like it: Stack to swish! Visual perception, spatial thinking and problem solving are engaged as cards are flipped, rotated and stacked to create a winning match. Brains are challenged as minds move to visualize the play before touching the cards. Advance play from stacking duos to trios!



On the Farm

On the FarmRavensburger USA, $20.99, Ages: 2 and up

Why we like it: Family farm game allows youngin’s to free play while giving caregivers an opportunity to encourage matching, build farm vocabulary, practice deductive reasoning and more. Plenty of pieces to enjoy independently or share with another cowboy or girl. Thick cardboard pieces connect securely enabling little hands to roundup farm animals into the barn.




Ooga Booga

Ooga BoogaBlue Orange Games, $12.99, Ages: 2 and up

Why we like it: Ska Ta Ooga Booga Ha! Memorize chants through sequencing sounds and gestures to perfectly recite prehistoric locutions. Cards depict illustrations to help chants flow as the best memory becomes chief of the cavemen. Uproarious game of mantra madness!



Show Me the Kwan

Show Me the KwanGriddly Games, Inc., $19.95, Ages: Fun for the entire family

Why we like it: Roll the dice, flip the timer and make a Kwan. Call out any word that is related to the topic matching the words to the 1st, 2nd or last letter indicated in the roll. Category: Dogs, 2nd Letter ‘O’= BONES. Collect letters as words are called earning the points designated on the dice.




TappleUSAopoly, $19.95, Ages: 8 and up

Why we like it: Tap to pass! Ten second countdown to eliminate up to 20 letters according to the category. For instance, Ice Cream Flavors- Chocolate, Strawberry, Butter Pecan eliminates letters ‘C’, ‘S’, and ‘B’ from the wheel. Pressure mounts with each round! Game holds all components for easy portability.




TerzettoGamewright, $21.99, Ages: Fun for the entire family

Why we like it: Tap to pass! Don’t lose your marbles! Match marbles by giving them a shake to create trios of patterns on the board. Game reinforces spatial relations, visual discrimination and fine motor skills. Strategy is key when placing marbles of three to outsmart opponents.



20 Express

20 ExpressBlue Orange Games, $19.99, Ages: Fun for the entire family, great for special needs

Why we like it: All aboard the 20 Express! Accommodates 100 players. Yes, 100 players! Create the longest locomotive by ascending numbers in a row as number tiles are pulled and called. Fast decisions must be made when “jumping” numbers onto the cars. Additional game sheets can be downloaded to keep the game going full steam ahead!


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