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Cozi’s FREE photo collage screensaver turns your family photos into amazing collages.

Turn your family photos into an amazing collage screensaver

The no-work way to enjoy your digital photos.

Finally there's a way to re-acquaint yourself with all those great family photos just sitting on your computer. Cozi takes your digital photos and turns them into a captivating photo collage screensaver.

  • Cozi makes the collage screen saver automatically. You just watch it change, like a slideshow.
  • Digital photos are organized by family event, holiday or trip.
  • Appointment reminders and the current time keep you from getting lost down memory lane for too long.

More about the free screensaver...

Download the Cozi Collage Screensaver The Cozi screensaver is a quick download that gives you an incredible photo collage experience on any PC.