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The easy way to start a family blog.

I thought having a family blog would be cool but didn't actually think I would ever have one. And it was so easy to do! - Angie (mom)
Cozi's family blog is the simple way to capture family life and share special moments and family photos with friends and relatives via email, as a family website, or on Facebook.

Capture family moments with Cozi's version of a family blog. You’ll get all the features that families need to save memories, and nothing more.

If you've ever thought of starting a family blog but haven't had the time, Cozi's Family Journal was designed just for you. It takes less than a minute to jot down a moment like the funny things your kids say. Upload a photo of the kids or vacation highlights if you'd like. It's a fun way to keep your family history that you can even share with relatives. What you can do with the Cozi's version of a family blog:

  • Invite who you want to read your stories.
  • Choose which relatives to share a moment with by email. Or send them an automatic monthly email newsletter.
  • Share your family journal as a web page – it's an instant family blog!

It's FREE!