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Although you don't need downloads to use and enjoy your Cozi account, here are some cool ones that will add more to your Cozi experience. If you don't already have a Cozi account, sign up here. Cozi is free.

Cozi Collage screensaver (Windows only)

Family photos, Photo screensaver


Cozi Collage screensaver (Windows): The no-work way to enjoy all those digital photos piling up on your PC. Cozi automatically creates stunning collages of your photos and reminds you of upcoming appointments, making intelligent use of your computer’s downtime. It’s a screensaver that’s cool and practical!

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Cozi Planning Checklists

Cozi Planning Checklists


Cozi offers a list library of pre-made shopping lists, grocery lists and to do lists, all ready to save and use in Cozi. Get household cleaning lists, kitchen pantry shopping lists, a birthday party checklist, and more! One user tells us: “Thank you, Cozi! Your list captures all the things I know I need to do and just didn't have time to put them on a list. You have done it for me.”

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